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 A girl and her minigun find themselves  trapped in a graveyard. Shoot through waves of pumpkins and defeat the reaper to escape.  This  shooter rewards you for playing fast and  staying at full health.  Quick survival or quick death? Only your playing skills decide your fate. Good Luck!

Created for Bullet Hell Game Jam #1!

Controls and Details!

WASD to move

Arrow Keys to shoot

Heart shards are collected by killing enemies, once the max shards are collected you regain a heart. If you're at full health you collect time shards. Time shards increase your time and the faster you complete waves the more points you can get for upgrades!


Pumpkin Smash.zip 9 MB


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Brilliant game, just excellent!

Would be awesome to see the progress through the game at any time though (or in-between waves), not just at the end.

Oh, and explain the controls somewhere, that's a must-have!


Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! I'll post some info on the game page.

Really fun.. the reaper fight was.. abrupt for me. But still, great work. :)